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Queer Oracle

Currently, McCurdy is focusing on exploring the ties between the queer experience and spirituality; starting with their most recent project, ‘Queer Oracle’, a deck of oracle cards made with drag artist Mystika Glamoor. The project was made for their final year of university which was severely affected by COVID-19 with the lockdown restricting previously planned shoots. Working with what little they had the deck turned digital to accommodate the restrictions and open the project to being more accessible as many exhibition spaces remain closed.

The cards still carry their original meanings from the traditional major arcana but now with the added aspect of the queer experience. We follow a beings 'coming out', what they have to confront during that time and what we could learn from this ourselves. 

The deck can be split into three threes, each group referencing a plane, from Earth to the wider universe.

The cards invite the viewer to take a moment of reflection and connect with themselves during the stressful modern times.

The Fool

The journey towards self-acceptance is strenuous and terrifying. Remaining in the shadows and darkness of our self-loathing feels like the easy option because it’s all we’ve known so far. But getting out there and breaking the shell of your comfort zone can only lead you towards everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve.

The Magician

A sudden vision of everything you want. A person with all the skills, gifts, and confidence that you aspire to. Remember to focus on the steps and work needed to get there, instead of that seemingly final state. Are you willing and able to put in the work?

The High Priestess

What will help you on your journey is to connect with your inner knowledge. Face your fears and recognise that they are the weapons and shields you’ve used to face reality, not reality itself! You don’t always need to be fighting or guarding yourself. Breathe in peace, breathe out your power. You already know who you are, you just need some reminding.


It’s easy and natural to fear the end of things, because our vision is limited to the finite and the material. Bring your awareness to how interconnected the world is, and how the end of one cycle is simply the spark that ignited the next one. Everything you want to achieve is on the other side of your fear. So cross that threshold, and let the fear die.

The Devil

You went chasing after happiness, and now that you’ve got it you realise you’re still miserable. You keep bashing at the same thing hoping it’ll spark some joy in you, but it has become a chain. What seemed so full of promise is an empty husk. Be aware that you put yourself in this position, and by attaining that awareness, realise that you can pull yourself out of it.

The Tower

Everything you worked for has come crumbling down. You’ve lost control and no one seems to care. Now is not a time to try and claim eaves around with Edith your bare hands. Focus on staying light and afloat. What can you rebuild alone in the ruins of what once was?

The Star

After all the cycles of pain, amidst all that darkness, you suddenly see a light. Distant and tiny, but present. You start to notice more of it, until it fills up the darkness with galactic hope. You realise your journey isn’t over yet. You can breathe again, for darkness needs light in order to exist. And you are both of them.

The Moon

With renewed courage, you venture forwards through the night. Doubt returns to pick at your awareness, but so does hope. At times the path ahead shines in perfect clarity. At others, you wonder if any of this is worth it. Recognise your cycles. Can you see where you’re going? Or should you set up camp and rest for a while til clarity returns?

The Sun

Take in a deep breath. You’re here. The sun will set and darkness will return eventually, but isn’t it worth it for the mellow vibrancy of the twilight and the promise of the dawn, and all the golden memories in between the two? Remember every moment that gave you joy. Treasure every moment that gives you joy. Strive towards what will give you joy.

'Queer Oracle' exhibition - September 2020